Sexting – The Social and Legal Consequences

Good morning!

This morning we are looking at the very real, current and even local problem if sexting.

In this lesson we hope to discuss the issue, examine some stories / videos about sexting, reflect on the social and legal implications of sexting, and then summarise the issue in a short powerpoint. Please follow the steps below:

Activity 1:

As a class, small group or individual (Teacher will guide you) – consider and discuss the following questions about sexting:

  • What are the potential consequences of sharing naked or sexual images or videos?
  • What are the differences in how young women and men view romantic and sexual relationships, and how does this impact on the use of sexting?
  • What can young women and men do to say no to sexting and protect their reputations?
  • How can friends and other students help to stop sexting and support teens who may be suffering bullying or emotional stress after an incident becomes public?

Activity 2:

a. Quickly scan the questions on the Worksheet (Sexting 1 Worksheet) before watching the videos.

b. Watch one or more of the clips below:

c.  In small groups answer the questions on the work sheet ( Sexting 1 Worksheet ) and make brief notes of your answers


Activity 3

Discuss your your own and your group’s thoughts on the videos, your responses to the questions in the worksheet and about sexting in general.  You should be very aware that:

  1. Individual responsibility is essential with sexting.
  2. Sexting can be illegal
  3. Sexting can have social consequences
  4. You can get help if they have been involved in a sexting incident

Activity 4

As a class or individual go through the powerpoint below and clarify your understanding on the key issues around the legal and social consequences of sexting.

Need HELP in regards to sexting?

Make an appointment to see the college chaplain or student welfare team.

Seek confidential advice from the Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800

Seek confidential advice from the Cybersmart Online Helpline for Kids

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